Continuing professional development

Our research and teaching specialisms contribute to innovative continuous professional development courses available in work-based, home-study or intensive teaching formats. Accredited standalone courses may combine towards full postgraduate qualifications.

Our subject areas

Professional development and work-based courses

The Centre for Education, Training and Development (CETAD) works with individuals and organisations to design bespoke, relevant and useful learning solutions to enhance workplace performance.

We design blended learning programmes to fit your individual needs, focusing on leadership development, work-based change and improvement, personal effectiveness and how to learn. Accredited short courses enable you to learn specific concepts, tools and techniques. Each short course is freestanding, but can be treated as a module building towards postgraduate qualifications.

CETAD Executive Education

CPD and short courses in Environmental Science

The Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) has an excellent reputation for research and training. As an integral part of one of the largest research institutions in Europe, the Centre has established links with industry and provides a range of training workshops.

LEC Professional Training

Language testing

The Language Testing at Lancaster summer school is for those individuals or teams whose work or personal interests involve them in language test construction and development at the local or national level.

An initial fortnight helps build knowledge of language testing by providing theoretical input on central issues and hands-on opportunities to develop test items. Two further one-week courses focus on the analysis of test data.

Linguistics summer schools

Free online courses in Linguistics and English Language

Leading academics from the Department of Linguistics and English Language have developed free courses, delivered online as MOOCs. Open to all, these courses will be of particular interest to researchers in social sciences and humanities, and to language teachers.

Linguistics FutureLearn

Academy for Advanced Social Work

The Academy for Advanced Social Work provides tailored learning opportunities for social workers who have been working in a qualified role for at least one year and who are engaged in complex work.

Modules about specific practice issues can be taken as standalone courses or combined to lead to a postgraduate qualification. Teaching is by a combination of intensive workshops and learning online, and is thus accessible to people in full-time work – not only social workers, as all standalone courses are available to other professionals working in health, welfare, therapeutic and protection services.

Sociology CPD

Short courses in Statistics

The School of Mathematical Sciences offers a programme of CPD courses aimed at scientists, social scientists, health researchers, teachers and professional medical statisticians.

Our courses in the Postgraduate Statistics Centre cover a wide variety of topics including Using R Software, Structural Equation Modelling and Longitudinal Data Analysis, as well as Clinical Trials methodology.