Faculties, divisions and departments

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ܽƵ's excellence in research, teaching, career support, community engagement and sustainability actions are driven by its four academic faculties, many specialised research institutes, and a variety of professional and support services provided both within faculties and centrally across the entire University. Explore our faculties, divisions and departments below.

Faculties and departments

Professional Services divisions

Specialist expertise and services that support the delivery of ܽƵ’s strategic aims are provided by a range of divisions.

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Lancaster is proud to be one of only a handful of UK universities to have a collegiate system. There are nine colleges and every student and permanent staff member belongs to a college. Each college has a team of people working to run college services and events creating a sense of belonging with fellow college members. Students have a ready support system for any of their needs through the college system.

Our colleges
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Institutes and centres